Standing up for BADGERS and the Natural World

“Our task must be to free ourselves by widening our circle of compassion to embrace all living creatures and the whole of nature and its beauty.”

quote by Albert Einstein (1879- 1955)

So, once again our despicable Government has quietly decided to kill up to 1876 badgers in Somerset and Gloucestershire over the coming weeks despite the overwhelming concrete scientific evidence that it is a flawed exercise which will possibly increase TB and scapegoats an endangered species to hide poor farming practises.

The Badger cull is Barbaric, irrational, destructive, indiscriminate and ill thought through.  More than 300,000 people signed Brian May’s anti cull petition last year but the cull went ahead and claimed the lives of almost 2000 badgers.

Over the next 6 weeks, up to 1876 innocent badgers will by shot by government employed marksmen, either trapped in cages that could have been used to vaccinate them, or fired upon from up to 70 metres away while meekly foraging for food.

Parliament voted in April by 219 to 1 that the culls should not continue. Public opinion is firmly against the culling. Majority independent scientific opinion suggests badger culling could make bovine TB worse, and thousands of people have spoken out against the cull. All this ignored and unheard and once again, tonight and for the next night after night, our badgers will be dying.

This is Devastating and unnecessary. The government is ransoming Badgers to get Farmers votes. The cull is an abomination which this government is set on pursing at all costs, and for some reason, this year there has been little media attention given to this travesty of justice.

The reason for this being that the government very quietly released its go ahead for the cull, and instead swept this under the carpet by announcing vaccination projects to bury the real news of the imminent and unjustifiable murder of badgers.

If we truly lived in a democracy, the government would be following public opinion that decisively opposes the cull and instead follow the Humane Welsh example of trapping and vaccinating these beautiful badgers. The badgers are not the property of the government to do with what they will. They belong to no one. We don’t own these wonderful beings. We are their guardians. They are our neighbours, and people of compassion and understanding don’t shoot their neighbours and those they have a duty toward protecting. But I guess our Government is without compassion. Instead they wage a war on wildlife without any consideration for the suffering it will cause.

It takes two to speak the truth: one to speak and another to hear

quote by Henry David Thoreau, philosopher and poet (1817-1862)

Why must humans revert to irrational destruction as soon as they perceive something to be competing or conflicting with their own interests? This is happening all over the world.

In the  Amazon rainforest, indigenous people are being forced to move from their territories due to deforestation driven by soy cultivation, palm oil and the expansion of livestock farming (the soy being grown to feed the livestock and farmed animals all across the( mainly) Western World).  This human destruction is destroying human livelihoods and wildlife habitats. Like Our badgers, these people have inhabited the forests for centuries. They were here before us, before this government, before these present day industrial farmers.

In Sapo National Park in Liberia and Tai National Park in Cote d’Ivoire, loggers, miners, and poachers are driving chimpanzees to extinction.  All across Africa, chimpanzee populations are in drastic decline. In Cote d’Ivoire , the population of chimpanzees has decreased by 90% in a few years. The Wild Chimpanzee Foundation says that Chimpanzees reproduce very slowly and only have a single infant every 5 years. Therefore, every killed individual compromises the survival of the whole species.

Like the all the Fantastic individuals and groups fighting to Protect Badgers, the WCF operate systematic patrols in the resource rich forests where the Chimpanzees live,  in an effort to stop the destruction caused in the interest of profit and power.  As in Gloucestershire and Somerset where thousands of badgers were saved last year thanks to the patrols of the GloucestershireAgainstBdgerShooting organisation and many others committed individuals, the work of the WCF saves the rainforest and its endangered wildlife.

When it is judged that it interferes with our economy , Our approach to nature and wildlife is to beat it into submission. We try to outwit nature rather than respecting and working with her. We believe we have absolute dictatorship over the natural world rather than engaging with wildlife. When their interests clash with ours, we seek to manage or exterminate them. These splendid badgers, along with all the other Wildlife we are so lucky to have, are our exuberant, extraordinary and eloquent neighbours. Most of us are inspired by them. We do not perceive them to be a problem. We delight and rejoice in their presence and we regard this irrational destruction as an exercise in Wilful Stupidity and arrogant ignorance.

This Pathological instinct for power and domination, this war on wildlife, threatens to deprive us of the Beautiful Beings who share our planet.  I believe that history will judge us. It will be humiliating to explain to the next generation how we couldn’t help ourselves, in our desire, curiosity and greed to seek dominion over every part of our miraculous world of nature.

Non-violence leads to the highest ethics, which is the goal of all evolution. Until we stop harming all other living beings, we are still savages

quote by Thomas Edison, inventor (1847 -1931)

So it falls to us to be a Voice for Our Non-Human Friends. It is why I choose to be an Animal Rights Campaigner.  Our Animal Friends share the same emotions as we do, they have the same instincts as us and many would argue, are in fact as, if not more intelligent than us. However they cannot defend themselves or organise themselves to resist their tormentors which is why we do it for them.

Back in June, a couple of us from Meet & Veg went to one of the patrol practices organised by Gloucestershire Against Badger Shooting. This was in preparation for what has now sadly happened, this unjustifiable and devastating Killing of Badgers.  Over the coming weeks, volunteers from all over the country will be travelling to the cull zones to help protect them from a brutal and unnecessary death.

If you can give a little time to join a Wounded Badger Patrol, you will find a well organised team of people committed to saving lives.  You will meet at a certain point, and join a team of walkers who patrol the culling area, looking for signs of culling activity, such as bait, cages, cameras, and of course wounded badgers.  You can also volunteer to monitor large setts where badgers are vulnerable.

For full details, see the GABS website:

You can also contact the Somerset team via their Facebook page:

Please also contact Liz Truss, the new Defra Minister and tell her to stop the cull at

September is turning out to be a beautiful, sunny month.  Perfect for this salad.  Thanks for the recipe Lucy!

Green Couscous Salad, a recipe by Yotam Ottelenghi:

Mix a cooked onion with a blend of tarragon, parsley and coriander and a small chili and stir into some cooked couscous. Stir in some fresh rocket and toasted Pistachio nuts and ..Bingo. Yum on a plate!

“The question is not can they reason? Nor, can they talk? But can they suffer?”

quote by Jeremy Bentham, British philosopher and social reformer (1748 – 1832)



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