Finding a Way through the Darkness

Don’t let the Fear of the Time it will take to accomplish something stand in the way of Your Doing it. Time will pass anyway. We may as well put that passing time to the Best Possible Use.

Earl Nightingale, Author (1921 – 1989)

It was September when I last posted an entry on this blog which has now been renamed and rethought! Perhaps confusing for any existing readers (are there any?) but a necessary change I feel in order for me to be able to write with honestly and authenticity.

I have a strong instinct and need to write. It is my creative outlet, a way of processing the intense feelings that come from having compassion for any being I see in Need of Help and Support. I have felt Frustrated that I have not found the time to write. (or maybe I should rephrase that as not Giving myself the Time). I have started to feel dispirited and when that happens, my head says “what’s the point, you haven’t got time so just leave it”. That’s the “All of Nothing” thinking that can be a huge obstacle to me achieving anything! If I can’t commit to it completely, then What’s the Point? But I am able to challenge my thought process and take heed of the quote above. Yes it will take time to create a blog that people actually read but over time, perhaps I can accomplish that, and if I don’t set myself any rigid deadlines to have posts written, I can take the pressure off myself, allowing myself to enjoy the process rather than feel guilty, stressed and frustrated that I haven’t written for a month or two.

I also thought I could write a more personal blog alongside a blog about my part in Meet & Veg but, unsurprisingly, as it turns out, that elusive thing, time definitely has beaten me on that challenge, hence I have chosen to take the path of more personal expression as this more reflects me, someone who wears her heart on her sleeve and needs to write about what’s in there!

I will continue to raise awareness of important issues relating to Our Non- Human Neighbours and Mother Earth, and, of course, share recipes but you (are you out there?!) will also be getting much more of a sense of who I am, inside and out.

I have to listen to my head which is telling me that by purely concentrating on writing about a world overly defined by lack of compassion, selfish greed, fear, conflict, individualism and materialism, I will become too low to want to continue.

My emotional health is rather fragile at the best of the times and as soon as the clocks go back, the nights draw in and daylight becomes scarcer, my mood tends to descend into one of introspection, hopelessness, despair and anger. My daughter calls me the Grinch! I do not like this time of the year and the greed, gluttony, materialism and consumerism associated with it.

I cannot bear the knowledge of the millions of Intelligent and Beautiful Birds being brought into existence just so they can be cruelly slaughtered, as babies (between 12 – 26 weeks) in the most barbaric and horrendous way, just so that the Human being can stick to their misguided belief that part of the  Christmas ritual  means having to consuming the flesh of a turkey or goose.

Resistance and Unwillingness to question and explore whether there is a more compassionate alternative drives this needless murder of millions of beings. (Figures for 2012 show that 18 million Turkeys were slaughtered, 10 million for Christmas) It is unbearable to think about.

As my Meet & Veg blog, I would feel I need to write about this in more detail, explore the facts,  but I know all I need to know and researching this subject in more detail is going to push me further into my doom and gloom! If you wish to learn more about this subject please refer to both the Amazing Animal Aid or Viva! Websites.

All I can tell you, is that I know a turkey (Geezer) who resides at a local sanctuary where I spend as much time as possible, along with my Daughter. He is a proud and handsome individual with a huge and distinct personality. Being with him really gives me the sense of complete bewilderment and utter sadness that Lack of Compassion and a complete Disconnect can enable Human beings to kill these magnificent Birds. Geezer is both beautiful and splendid. His feathers are iridescent, they shine and shimmer and he likes to puff  himself up and strut around knowing we are admiring him, along with all the female hens who, along with us, appear to be watching him in awe and wonder!

Geezer & his Pals!

Geezer & his Pals!

Sadly, Geezer’s sister died when she was a few months old. Selectively bred to become big and heavy as quickly as possible, her heart was unable to support her huge Weight, and she passed away. Happily Geezer was not so unlucky and will, unlike his millions of cousins, be able to live out a happy life, free from harm and human cruelty at this Peaceful Sanctuary.

Geezer doing his rounds!

Geezer doing his rounds!

I truly believe any person who is lucky enough to experience such a special and privileged encounter with a Turkey being, would not want to ever again, be part of the mass murder that takes place each year.

When you feel the suffering of every living thing in your own heart, that is consciousness.

The Bhagavad Gita

Keeping Each Other Warm

Keeping Each Other Warm

Compassion hurts and when you feel connected to everything, you also feel responsible for everything and it feels impossible to turn away. Learning to find a way of being happy, refusing to be crushed by the awfulness and destruction of the Universe and instead Growing Strong enough to love the world and harness the energy of the Universe so that I can  bear its worse horrors is the way I somehow find my way through the Fog.

138 (2)

I believe that Real, True, Authentic Happiness is what arises within us when we Love Selflessly, when we are Loved Selflessly in return, and when we are Truly living our Values. If we are lucky enough to have found all that, then finding the strength to bear the Hurt of the World and to take our Message onto the Streets is Easy.

Hence, I will be out on the streets of Witney in the run up to Christmas, and with my Friend, we will raising awareness of the plight of Our Turkey Friends and encouraging people to think about having a Compassionate Christmas. It is a two-way deal as by being pro-active and positive can, in turn help me to deal with the Hurt and incomprehension. Finding and Embracing my Inner Power, to, hopefully, Create Positive Change will raise my spirits, give me Hope and allow me to Tap into a Heart that can be Happy as well as Heavy.

Action for Animals in Witney

Action for Animals in Witney

Know that the same spark of life that is within you, is within all of our animal friends, the desire to live is the same within all of us

Rai Aren (Author)

So I leave this post by writing some of the ways I strive to stay Happy and find Peace and Contentment among the Darkness of Winter and Consumerism of Christmas:

Allowing Myself Time to do things that Make me Happy!

Belief and Hope that Change Will Happen. Birds Singing!

Counting my Blessings, Celebrating Life, Not just mine, but All those beings who have shared in my journey and made me a Better Person, Catching up with those Beings.

Daring to be Different! Decopauge, My Companion Dogs! In Fact, All Dogs! Dancing in the Kitchen to the Radio with my Doggy Friends! Dreaming.

Our Beauties!

Embracing Change. Embrace Each New Day (it’s hard at times but Each New Day is another chance to make your dreams come true!)  Eating Yummy Homecooked Vegan Food

Forgive and Letting go of Frustration. Friday Nights!

Growing Indoor Plants (Hyachinths In particular!)  Good Friends,Good Films, Good Books, Good Times!

Hugging! Hennaing My Hair!

Inviting Friends Over.

Jogging (yes I don’t really run!)

Kindness, Kindness, Kindness, No matter How I feel. Also Kissing! (My Husband, My Gorgeous Daughter, My Reluctant Son and My Friends who I am so Grateful for!)

Listen, Love, Laugh!

Make New Friends, Make Cakes, Make Delicious Food, Make a Difference! Marzipan Dark Chocolates! Music, Meet & Veg!

Chocolate Raspberry Birthday Cake!

Nourish my Skin with Lovely Scented Oil! Notice The Beauty in, & Nourish Nature.

Opening my Latest Addition of OutRage by Animal Aid, The Vegan by The Vegan Society, Viva!Life by Viva! Or the Newest Magazine on the Block, VeganLife!

Practise the Guitar.

Quiet Reflection (usually while listening to BirdSong!)

Rest, Relax, Read, (w)Rite and Rejoice for What I have been Blessed With. Radio 2 on a Saturday Night! Funk & Soul followed by the 80’s!

Sing, Send Cards, Speak my Truth with Love. Saturday and Sunday Morning lie ins! Saturday Nights!

Take Time for Myself.

Unusual Clothes.

Vintage Clothes. Visit Different Places.

Wake with a Smile (try at least!) and Walk in Wonder of Nature. Write about the wonder of Nature. When it rains, look for rainbows, When it’s dark, look for stars.

Xpect Miracles!

Yummy Vegan Food!

Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz! Get enough Sleep!



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