The Cruel & Inhumane World of UnEthical & Unecessary Research

There is nothing to indicate that an animal values its life any less than a human being values his.

Rosalind Godlovitch, philosopher

Each year inside British laboratories, nearly 4 million Non-Human  beings are experimented on. Every 8 seconds, one Non-Human animal dies. Cats, dogs, rats, mice, guinea pigs, rabbits, ferrets, horses, deer, seals, foxes, birds, fish, Non-Human primates and any other living thing that can be used to yield information, are used to test new products,  the safety of industrial and agricultural chemicals and, perhaps most extensively, in disease and medical research to develop new drugs. Animals are even used in warfare experiments.

Worldwide over 100 million Non-Human Animals die in laboratories every year.

Scientists tell us that they need to test on non-human  animals and, ultimately kill them so that they can find cures for disease and illness. They argue that if we stop non-human Animal experimentation, it will mean millions of people will die, and that they can only find new safe drugs by testing on non-human Animals. Yet, thank goodness, a growing number of Doctors and Scientists believe that non-human Animal Experiments are UNRELIABLE as a guide to treating disease and illness.

Once we acknowledge life and sentience in other animals, we are bound to acknowledge what follows, their right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

Brigid Brophy, novelist

Non-Human Animal experiments are totally wrong on both moral and scientific grounds. It is unethical, inhumane and completely unnecessary. Non-Human Animals are not laboratory tools. They are sentient beings, capable of experiencing pain, fear, loneliness, frustration and sadness. To imprison our non-human neighbours like this, deny them their freedom to express natural instincts and to deliberately inflict physical pain in the name of science is unacceptable. It is wrong to cause deliberate suffering and death to any living being, there can be no argument. Non Human Animals Value their lives just as much as we Humans do. They strive to be free from pain and hurt just as we do.

With the advance of technology there is no need to cause non human animals to suffer and die in laboratories around the world every day. We cannot continue to justify the poisoning, burning, shocking and killing of more than 100 million non-human animals each year causing them unimaginable pain, fear and loneliness. Non-Human Animal experimentation is wicked, dehumanizing and pointless and it is now recognized that it is bad science because they do not produce information that can be reliably applied to people.

We are in the midst of an emergency in which appalling suffering is being inflicted on millions of animals for purposes that on any impartial view are obviously inadequate to justify the suffering.

Professor Peter Singer, Moral Philosopher

Nom-Human Animals are different to us in the way their bodies work and in the way their bodies respond to drugs. They are not little humans, and although we might share most of our genes with other mammals, our physiology and the way our genes actually function is critically different. Non-Human Animals don’t suffer from human disease and as a result, non-human animal experimentation can give misleading answers to how people react to new medicine because medicines not only work differently in non-human animals than they do in humans, but also work differently from species to species.

This means that non-human animal experiments are totally irrelevant because of the species difference which is vast in every field, from rat to mouse, from one type of mouse to another, and most importantly from rat to human, from dog to human, from rabbit to human, from monkey to human and so on and so on. We cannot apply the results from one species to another because non-human Animal Experiments are not predicative for what will occur in Human Beings. There is no one non-human Animal or combination of non-human animals that will give the right result. Human Diseases can take a different form in animals.

Some examples of drugs that were tested on non-human animals then given to humans with disastrous results include the heart drug, “Eraldin”, which later caused serious side effects in Human beings including blindness. One of the most well-known is “Thalidomide”, given to pregnant woman in the late 50’s and early 60’s for morning sickness. Their babies were born with severe deformities and missing limbs. Another example is”Opren”, given to arthritis sufferers who suffered painful side effects including photosensitivity, a painful reaction of the skin to sunlight.

The time is coming, however, when people will be astonished that mankind needed so long a time to regard thoughtless injury to life as incompatible with ethics.

Albert Schweitzer, Philosopher, Medical missionary.

In 2010, the UK government pledged to end the cruel use of non-human animals to test household products. No non-human animals have been used for testing of finished products in the UK for several years now, however, household products sold in the UK do contain individual chemical ingredients that have been tested on non-human animals at home or abroad – a fact  that  the vast majority of the UK general public is completely unaware of. So a consumer might purchase a household product believing that it is cruelty free when the reality regarding the ingredients is entirely different!

‘Worldwide, Non-Human Animals are still being poisoned and killed to test the safety of household cleaning product ingredients. They are force fed substances, have chemicals rubbed into their skin or dropped into their eyes and are made to inhale smoke or toxic fumes.

The use of non-human animals to test cosmetics products or their ingredients is banned in the UK and all other member states of the European Union. Since March 2013, it has also been illegal to sell cosmetics products within the EU which have been, or which contain ingredients, newly tested on animals. However Cosmetics companies can, however, continue to sell in the EU products with ingredients that have been non-human animal tested in the past. A number of countries outside the EU are also now seeking to adopt similar bans. However, in others – including China and the United States of America, non-human animals are still used to test cosmetics ingredients and products.

It is to me beyond belief that a man…should, if he knows the meaning of the two words, hold that animals have only “instinct” and not “reason”.

E B Nicholson, Bodley’s Librarian, Oxford, 1879.

So why does non-human Animal testing continue? For the same reason as most other destructive, negative and unhelpful industries continue – MONEY. There is a huge movement built on the misery and exploitation of our fellow, sentient beings. Huge pharmaceutical companies such as GlaxoSmithKline, Proctor & Gamble and Unilever are there to make money, and to make money, they have to introduce new drugs. When one drug company produces a successful drug, other companies copy it. It’s NOT NEED, it’s ABOUT MONEY (there are over 18,000 medicines on the market).

Universities (scientists, researchers and academics); Instrument makers; Animal suppliers; Feed producers; cage suppliers;  They all profit from the terrible tragedy that is Non-Human Animal Experimentation and Vivisection. Careers are built on it sadly.

Unfortunately, many charities also fund research using non-human animals. These include Cancer Research UK, The British Heart Foundation and The Alzheimer’s Society  and this is an issue that creates a lot of discussion and  is a deeply divided subject, with a great deal of passion, emotion and ideas on both sides regarding the ethics of charities using donations to fund non-human animal research.

I argue that there can be no reason – except the selfish desire to preserve the privilege of the exploiting group – for refusing to extend the basic principle of equality of consideration to members of other species.

Professor Peter Singer, Moral Philosopher

As a Passionate Vegan Animal Rights Advocate who also supports people with Dementia, of which Alzheimer’s Disease is one of the causes,  I have been asked how I can be opposed to non-human Animal Research when it is finding cures for Alzheimer’s.

My answer to that is to first raise awareness of the particular animal research that the Alzheimer’s Society carry out;  which is to give mice strokes by inserting wires into their brain arteries; smash their brains with high pressure jets; and narrow their main neck arteries with coils. They are then forced to swim around in a pool of water searching for a hidden platform.

I then explain that my compassion is not limited to Non- Human beings and that is why I support Human beings in my day job, but that I have chosen to be an Non-Human  Animal Advocate because Our Non-Human neighbours are totally at the mercy of Us, the Human Species and are unable to organise themselves to raise awareness of their own plight so I do it for them. They have no voice so I choose to be their voice. I tell those that feel confused about where my loyalties lie, that Appalling suffering is being endured by humans all over the world on a vast scale. Alzheimer’s is a cruel and devastating condition and I am privileged and humbled to do my bit to support people who are living with this debilitating and progressive disease, but appalling suffering is also being endured by Non-Human Animals all over the world and Vivisection is one of those ways in which they suffer and there is no need. Not for Alzheimer’s research or any research. I then present the following information that highlights the fact that there is absolutely no need to continue this barbaric and archaic practice:

Nearly 100 alternatives to non-human animal testing have been discovered, many of which have proven highly effective. Here are just some of the viable cruelty free alternatives to animal testing:

In-Vitro – The National Academy of Sciences concluded in 2007 that scientific progress was such that they would “transform toxicity testing from a system based on whole-animal testing to one based primarily on in-vitro methods.”

Organs-on-a-Chip – Instead of conducting toxicity tests, drug tests and disease research on live animals, Harvard’s Wyass Institute has devised an effective organ-on-a-chip process in which human cells are used to create mini organ simulations.

Human Brain Imaging – Advances in brain scanning and imaging techniques mean that it’s now possible to conduct a wealth of usable data and statistics which is far more useful than the questionable data collected from cutting into the brains of monkeys, cats and rats.

Human Blood Testing Instead of killing hundreds of thousands of rabbits each year in “pyrogen” tests, scientists can now test for fever-causing contaminants in medicines by using human blood samples.

Microdosing ­– When test patients are given a microdose of a drug which is well within safe limits, advanced imaging techniques can be used to detect the way the body breaks down the substances.

We can also study ourselves. Many major medical advances have come by studying human beings NOT non humans beings. We need Social Reform, changing the way we do things. It was thanks to the Social Reformers 100 years ago, who observed that living in squalor and poverty was the main cause of death of people from infectious diseases.

Through social reform, sewerage systems were built. Clean water and better housing transformed Britain and did more to lower the death rates than all the drugs and vaccines put together. So by studying how people live, and improving their living conditions, we can bring about better health and reduce illness and disease.

This is called “Epidemiology” and it’s how the link between cancer and smoking was made, through studying smokers, NOT by forcing non-human animals to inhale tobacco smoke. Our knowledge of heart disease, cancer and aids comes from studying people’s lives. We don’t need Animal Experiments to tell us that Environmental Pollution causes ill health. PREVENTION IS THE WAY FORWARD. MOST BIG KILLER DISEASES COULD BE PREVENTED BUT THE SEARCH FOR CURES SOAKS UP ALL THE MONEY, LEAVING ONLY A TINY FRACTION FOR PREVENTION.


So Far as we know, beasts are incapable either of sin or virtue; therefore they can neither deserve pain nor be improved by it.

C S Lewis, Novelist

Drugs, Medicine and surgery can prolong life but the most important area is PREVENTION and non-human Animals cannot help with that. Instead we must look at the Human Situation – Our diet and our way of life. And here lies another strong argument against killing Non-Human Animals for their flesh. A worldwide study supported by the World Cancer Research fund , looking at the effects of lifestyle and diet on health, indicated a direct link between non-human animal protein intake and certain kinds of cancer, particularly bowl cancer.

Heart disease and diabetes is linked with obesity which is linked with a poor diet of saturated fats, much of which comes from dairy products and meat from cows, chickens, pigs and sheep which have been kept in intensive farming conditions where disease is rife because there is no freedom of movement and disease is easily spread from one animal to the other.

These diseases include BSE, Salmonella, Bird Flu, Foot&Mouth all of which have affected Human health too. Not to mention the growth hormones injected into these poor, trapped beings which are passed into the food chain to be consumed by humans; and the traces of pus and blood from infected dairy cows’ teats (because they are so over milked that they suffer painful infections of the udder) that people end  up drinking when they buy milk. Current regulations permit millions of pus cells per litre.

Many people believe that non-human animals are here for humans to use as we like,  and even if we have to sacrifice 100,000 non-human  animals in the hope of benefiting one person, then it is worth it.  All animal exploitation is based on the fact that we can and must use animals for our benefit. We hold their lives in our hands and decide how to use those lives up. We treat our Non-Human Fellow Beings as a commodity to be used as we decide without a second thought to the pain and suffering we inflict in the process.

But the truth is, that by moving to a more ethical way of life, going vegan, ensuring that, where possible we don’t inflict harm and suffering on others, and using ethical human-based tests will better help our Fellow Humans and save millions of Non-Human Animals.

There IS a better, kinder way.

This is a link to BUAV where you can find a list of cruelty free products available to buy in the UK.

This is a link to Animal Aid’s list of Charities that DO NOT  use Non-Human Animals in medical research.

The time will come when  men such as I will look upon the murder of animals as they now look upon the murder of men.

Leonardo da  Vinci,  Italian Renaissance artist and inventor







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