Building Balance

When you realize that the best things in life are free, you will always have the currency with which to buy them

Twice a year, as Winter and Summer approach, I feel an Unwelcome, Niggling, Unsettled Feeling. It’s pretty much guaranteed to develop and generally materializes in me looking for new challenges and making a list of things I “want”!

This year feels different. As I alluded to in my last posts, I have not succeeded in accomplishing most of my goals in 2016 but I am aware of a Sensation, an Excitement, a Contentment. Something Dormant awakened within me by Family, Friendship, Circumstance, Experience, Knowledge, Connection, Insight, Community, a Refreshed Relationship and a Conviction that I am Truly Conscious of what I Can do, what I Will do, How and When I will do it and most importantly, What I Want to do.

I learnt many years ago that goals aren’t achieved if they are goals that you feel you “Should” “Could” “Would” “Must”  do. Goals need to be actions you “Want” to do and, while it has taken me some time, I believe I now have an Achievable and Fulfilling Plan in both my Home and Work Life. I am using the Energy of the Heart Breaking Sadness of the past weeks/months, and of my Aspirations for my own Personal Revolution,  to drive my Desire to do More of Walking the Talk; Bringing my Principles into Practice; Integrating my Ideal with my Reality; Being  Content with Who I am, Just as I am and Finding that Place of Harmony within Myself and the World around me.

Happiness is Pretty Simple: Someone to Love; Something to Do; Something to Look Forward to. (Family, Freedom, Friendships and Peace).

Rita Mae Brown, Author (With Vegan Cuckoo’s musings added!)

How will I do this?

By staying in the Voluntary roles that are already Established and Deep Rooted – with My Beautiful Friends living with Life-Changing and Life-Limiting situations; Enjoying returning to spending time with Young People in an Exciting new Youth Group and with the Youth Justice Service; Immersing myself around People who Challenge and Inspire me and Responding in a Positive and Meaningful Way;  and, I am Unashamed and Proud to say, continuing to Raise Awareness and Education to the Most Important issue to me: My Non-Human Neighbour’s Rights in taking a More Pro-Active role in Leafleting and Offering to give Talks and Cookery Demonstrations in Schools.

A great human revolution in just a single individual will help achieve a change in the destiny of a nation, and, further, will enable a change in the destiny of all humankind.

Human beings possess the unique capacity to aspire for self-improvement and personal growth. We can conceive of changing the direction of our life, instead of merely following its flow.

Daisaku Ikeda

I also determine to be Less Materialistic; Want for Less and Spend time Reading Positive and Nurturing Books / Magazines and be Much More Selective about what I read on Facebook!

There are 2 ways to get enough; One is to Continue to Accumulate More and More; The Other is to Desire Less.

G K Chesterton, Author

I Know, because I have witnessed that No Matter what your Background, there is Always the Possibility for change for the Better when You take Strength from your Intuition, develop your Awareness and Realise that seeing Others as Yourself will Bring Determination, Inspiration, Abundance, Dedication, Resolve and Purpose. This is Why I feel I Can Aspire to Accomplish and Realise my Goals.

A Rich person is not someone who has More but someone who Desires Less.

When you give you will realise you already have Everything you Need

Happiness is the result of total appreciation of all that life gives you at every moment.

We can get stuck in ruts because their Familiarity can provide a lot of Comfort but on the flip side, when we deny ourselves access to new Experiences, we cut ourselves off from Growth. We lose our sense of Wonder and Humour amongst all that Monotony. It can be tough to make time for those Adventures and Challenges. We’re adults and have responsibilities but by making time for it, we discover a Renewed Enthusiasm for Life. An Ability to get things done in record time and Rediscover Our Waves of Creativity!

It is those Adventures and Challenges that I am making my Goals, stepping Outside of my Comfort Zone and Hoping the Contentment and Satisfaction of these new Experiences will give me the Energy to Sustain my Dreams and Wishes in Each New Chapter of My Life.

The biggest lie on the planet: When I get what I want I will be happy. Be happy now, and your feelings and vibrations will naturally attract what you want!

In Doing All this, The Underlying and Fundamental Detail is Staying True to Myself. Being Authentic.  I Resolve to make my life Valuable by Bringing about Positive Change in Any Small way I am able to.

When We are Freer and More Aware of Who We are and What is Influencing Our Lives, We can feel Able to Move Forward Toward a More Genuine, True Existence where We have Integrity and Can find Our Purpose and Give a Gift to the World.

I have Everything I Need and Nothing that I Don’t

Zac Brown Band

I read the Heart Breaking  “The Faults in Our Stars” with My Daughter not so long ago and the “Musings” of one of the main characters really struck a chord with me.   In thinking about the Meaning of Life, he questions  Why are we Here on this Earth? What do we want to be Remembered for? Do we need to be Remembered? After All, the Universe goes on, Our absence Unnoticed by it? Or, Possibly Not if we have Noticed the Universe and made a Difference? Does it matter if we are Remembered or had a Story worth Telling?

The Conclusion he draws is that All that matters is that We were Loved and Loved in Return and those that mattered to Us, thought We were Special; That a Valuable life isn’t about being Extraordinary, Famous or Heroic – being remembered for some Great Deed or Achievement;  The Characterization of a Valuable Life is More Personal than that – It doesn’t matter if the World knows about Us, More that Those We Love and Who Love Us Know about Us and Who we Are; That it is more Important for us to be Special to those around Us than to complete strangers, No Matter How many those strangers number.

That to “To Be Loved Deeply, if Not Widely” makes All Our Lives Matter, Not Just the Ones that are Lived for Something and Die for Something. And to “Walk Lightly” because Perhaps we are as likely to Hurt the Universe as we are to Help it but Perhaps we Won’t do either and For All those reasons above, Does it matter?

I Agree with All of that except the Not Helping the Universe Part! That, I believe is the Responsibility of All of Us, In any Small Way we Can.

Integrity is Doing the Right Thing, even When No-One is Watching

C.S. Lewis

I sign off today with this Truth.

The Richest Wealth is Wisdom

The Best Ornament is Humility

The Richest Wealth is Wisdom

The Strongest Weapon is Patience

The Best Security is Faith

The Best Tonic is Laughter

Need Nothing

Earth Blessings

VeganCuckoo Jx







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