Recipe for Life: Kindness, Compassion, Love, Gratitude & Connection

Today is National Kindness Day which seems Very Fitting as it is also Remembrance Sunday.

This Post Consists of Inspirational Quotes about Kindness, Compassion, Generosity and Peace, as well, as some of my own Musings.

The Inspiration for this Blog, after all, is the  Generosity and Kindness of the So Many People I know and have known on this, my Transient Adventure through Life. Those People who just Radiate Warmth and Sincerity and whose Values, Beliefs, Attitudes and Principles  I so Admire, Respect and Strive to Aspire to.

Try to Be a Rainbow in Someone’s Cloud. Do not Complain, Never Whine, Be Certain that you Do Not die without having done something Wonderful for Humanity

Maya Angelo

How Wonderful it is that No-One need Wait a Single Moment before Starting to Improve the World

Anne Frank

The  Only thing Necessary for the Triumph of Evil is for Good People to Do Nothing. All Tyranny needs to gain a Foothold is for People of Good Conscience to remain Silent.

Nobody made a Greater Mistake than He who did Nothing because he could do only a Little

Edmund Burke

Small Acts, when multiplied by Millions, can transform the World

Howard Zinn, Social Activist

Those who have the Privilege to Know, have a Duty to Act

Albert Einstein

The Best and Most Beautiful Things in the World cannot be Seen or even Touched. They must be Felt with the Heart

Helen Keller, Author and Political Activist

When you feel the Suffering of Every Living Thing in your own Heart, that is Consciousness

Bhagavad Gita

The Essence of Love and Compassion is Understanding the Ability to Recognise the Physical, Material and Psychological suffering of others, to put Ourselves inside the Skin of Others. We go inside their Body, Feelings and Mental Formations and Witness for Ourselves their Suffering. Shallow Observation as an Outsider is not enough to see their Suffering. We must become one with the Subject of Our Observation. When we are in Contact with Another’s Suffering, A Feeling of Compassion is Born in us. Compassion means literally – “To Suffer With”.

Thich Nhat Hanh

Compassion hurts. When you feel connected to everything, you also feel responsible for everything. And you cannot turn away. Your destiny is bound with the destinies of others. You must either learn to carry the Universe or be crushed by it. You must grow strong enough to love the world, yet empty enough to sit down at the same table with its worst horrors.

Andrew Boyd, Author and Activist

A society grows great when old men plant trees whose shade they know they shall never sit in.

Anonymous Greek Proverb

The Work an Unknown Good Person has done is like a Vein of Water Flowing Hidden Underground Secretly Making the Ground Green

Thomas Carlyle, Scottish Philosopher, 1795 -1881

Show Kindness and Respect toward Others – Everyone we meet is fighting a Battle we may know Nothing about.

Wendy Mass, Author

Love is Our Foundation and Our Fuel. The Greatest Gift is to know we are not Alone; that there are hands we can Reach for and Hearts to Keep us Warm.

Life can be Exhausting When you feel Compassion.

There is Always Hope as long as there are People who Care

Peace is a Result of How we each Actively go about Our Daily Lives and a Peaceful Society is one where Everyone Flourishes. Peace Building includes recognising the Inherent Worth of Everyday Examples of the Teacher Inspiring her Pupils or a Nurse attending to her Patients and Structuring Society Around Nurturing these Positive Non-Violent Acts.

Peace is a Positive, Achievable and a Tangible measure of Human Wellbeing. As part of an effort to create a more Peaceful Society, We must remember to Celebrate the Peace we already have, that’s All around us and is an Intricate Part of Our Lives.

Being Good Feels Good because it makes us remember that we are not the Only Person who matters in the World, so Kindness is an Active Way we can see the Bigger Picture. We are ultimately the Same thing – Life, Consciousness, By Feeling part of Humanity, Rather than an Isolated Unit, We feel Better because Life is a Shared Experience.

None of Us are Miracle Makers or Magicians but we can Change Ourselves and, in turn, inspire Change in Others just by Living Ethically Healthy, Cruelty Free and making Educated Consumer Choices.

Practice Gratitude towards the Earth who holds us on her Back and Enables us to Walk. People plough the Earth, they Tread upon her, Dig holes in her and yet She continues to Give. She is so Generous that when we Plant one seed, She returns a Thousand Fruits. Give Unconditional Love for and of the Earth and Practice the Same Kind of Compassion, Generosity and Forgiveness in our Own Lives. Be Guided by the Principles of Love, Care and Kindness.

Share with Each Other and this World, to Uplift, Cherish and Value All that is Around Us. Appreciate How Blessed We are when we have Peace, Serenity, Contentment and Security.

Veganism is a Way of Life that Intersects Every Aspect of Living. At the Very Core of the Vegan Philosophy is a Striving toward Justice and a Willingness to Extend this not only to Our Friends but Also to Our Human Brothers and Sisters. The Influence of this Compassionate Lifestyle reaches Far Beyond what we put on our plates and how we Adorn Ourselves and Our Surroundings. Everything is Inextricably Connected. Justice for All!

If the World was Tilted Properly, there would be Potential for Harmony to Emerge.

Constant Kindness can Accomplish Much. As the Sun makes Ice Melt, Kindness causes Misunderstanding, Mistrust and Hostility to Evaporate.

The Thoughts that we have don’t have to be the Same ones we’ve always had. Every Single Day we get the Chance to Wake up and Reinvent ourselves; A Chance to see things from a New Perspective, Breathe a New Breath and have a new Thought. It takes work to Change Our Thinking and it takes Patience to see this Manifest in our Bodies.

Practise Gratitude and Regularly Reflect on what We’re Grateful for because it brings New Perspective, Dissolves Negativity and Grounds us in What’s Important.

Kindness is a Turning Towards. Turning Towards All Beings, in their Joy and Flourishing and in their Pain and Suffering, not Shying away from the Pain and Damage being inflicted Upon the Earth an Our People for Profit. So, Commit Rebellious Acts of Kindness, Speak with Radical Honesty, Subvert the Status Quo with Kindness and Open your Heart to the Struggle, for the Struggle is for Life. A Meaningful Life, a Life of Integrity and Connection. Life for All. A Life-Affirming Vision of Cooperation rather than Competition, of Solidarity rather than Selfishness, of Generosity rather than Greed. Let’s stand Together and Pour Love back into our Communities, and Join with Others to Dismantle the Structures of Oppression and Reclaim our Right to Live as if the World Mattered.

Kara Moses, Free Lance Journalist and Environmental Activist

To Finish this Post Dedicated to The Values that Make Our Worlds go Round, I wanted to Highlight some of the Wonderful Charities and Organisations that I Support who Symbolise Kindness, Compassion, Connection and Generosity in All their Rawness and Splendour.

Animal Aid

Animal Defenders International


Animal Aid Unlimited

Sea Shepherd

Four Paws


Young Dementia UK

Walk Free

Giving HOPE

Hope and Homes for Children

mary’s meals

Hillside Animal Sanctuary


Soi Dog Foundation

The Aniplant Project

Human Society International


Network for Animals

Cecily’s Fund


Oxfordshire Animal Sanctuary

The Cinnamon Trust

Refugee Resource

This List Doesn’t Even Scrape the Surface of an Exhaustive Roll Call  of the Wonderful, Dedicated and Committed Organisations All Over the World doing Remarkable and Exhausting Work. They make our Mother Earth a Better, More Compassionate, Kinder and Happier Mothership.

Earth Blessings

VeganCuckoo  Jx


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