The Warm Glow of Friendship

The best kind of friend is the kind, you can sit on a porch and swing with, never say a word, and then walk away, feeling like it was the best conversation you’ve ever had.

It has been one of those weeks, Full of Ups and Downs, Darkness and Light, Warmth and Cold, Joy and Sadness. Thank Goodness for my Friends, who Light Up my Soul.

Although I have felt the Gloom of Grief during the Darkness of Dawn, Dusk and the Dead of Night, I have also felt the Brightness of Friendship, both Best, Soul, Old and New!

As I wrote about in my last Post, I spent a Happy and Humbling Wednesday with Wonderful Friends, the Incredible Elaine and Special Sandy, Friends who have come into my life in the last 4 years. Just being in their Presence dispersed the Clouds wrapping themselves around my head and Dispersed with  the Fogginess I was feeling.

Following this Momentous and Marvellous Day, I spent a Gentle evening with the Lovely Sue, who, even after 13 years still has the gift to lift me out of Gloominess just with a Hug, Smile and Distraction!

Grief, I have Learned is Really Love. It’s all the Love you Want to Give but Cannot. All of that Unspent Love gathers up in the Corners of your Eyes, the Lump in your Throat, and in that Hollow part of your Chest.  Grief is just Love with No Place to Go.

The Ralph Site

I have been a Very Glum Chum for By Best Friend, My Robbie, My Yogi Twin and My Soul Mate but, as Ever, He has endless Patience, Concern and Understanding even though he is Sharing my Sadness. He was with me this week when I opened an Unexpected parcel that brought Tears to My Eyes. It was a Box filled with Vegan Treats from the Goodness Project. A Gift sent to me from A Most Thoughtful and Caring Friend in Canada. A Friend who has Absolutely Overwhelmed me with her Kind-Heartedness; who I knew for Far too short a time while she was here; whose package only served to remind me what an Important and Valuable Presence she was in my life and whom I had forgotten that I Missed as Much as I do until I opened my Bundle of Goodies!

True Friendship is like Sound Health; The Value of it is Seldom Known Until it be Lost.

Charles Caleb Colton “Lacon”

At work, I haven’t felt much Motivation but my Work-Sista has refused to let me Wallow. With her Refreshing Honesty, Infectious Energy and Zany, ever so Slightly Bonkers personality, she ensures that there really is No time to feel Gloomy! She Doesn’t Censor anything that she speaks. Her thoughts become her words and her Spirit and Sense of Playfulness is Always Guaranteed to put a Smile on my face!

You Don’t need a certain number of Friends, Just Friends you can be certain of

Rola Mahmoud

True Happiness Consists not in the Multitude of Friends. But in the Worth and Choice.

Benjamin Jonson

My AASS, My Animal Aid Soul Sister, My Bestie has, As Always, been there for me All Week over the Virtual Messenger AirWaves! I hope All Our Messenger Messages will stay in this CyberSpace for Always because they are Our Own Personal Diaries shared between each other and where we Pour All Our Feelings into! More than Anyone right now, Kay Truly Appreciates How I am Feeling. She too has Lost a Best Furry Companion very recently and, No Matter How Special All My Friends are, it is my AASS who Relates to me Completely as we are United in our Compassion, Love, Pain and Hurt in Our Loss of Our Beloved Companions and All Our Non-Human Friends who are Killed and Exploited in the name of Human Need.

A Man Can Measure his Life in the Dogs He has Loved

But Our Feelings of Outrage, Helplessness, Grief and Despair are what Spur us on to bear Witness to our Common Purpose: Solidarity, Celebration, Hope, Welcome and the Cry from our Hearts for an End to all Injustice done to all Earth’s Inhabitants. Next Week we will be putting Leaflets through the doors of Our Local Community, Encouraging People to have a Compassionate Christmas. This Offers us a way of Holding Our Grief so that it doesn’t Overwhelm us. It is Our Statement of Resistance as we hold the Darkness and Light for each other in the act of Activism in Our Statement of Resistance Against Indifference and Disconnect.

Live Boldly, follow your dreams, take risks, look after your friends and smile when the mountain is steepest

Bear Grylls

I Will use this Weekend to Gather my Energy and Restore Balance; I will be Rejoicing in the Cold November Sunshine; Cooking for the Engaging Vikki and John (Cashew Cream Broccoli Soup; Cauliflower Pesto Linguine with Breaded Tofu and Coconut Pana cotta) and Appreciating an Entertaining, Delicious and Gentle Evening.

I also get to see my Gorgeous Friend of 17 years, Ju which is Always a Pleasure. Life isn’t giving her an Easy Ride Presently but She has an Admirable Stoic Strength that Says So Much about the Remarkable and Impressive Person she is and, invariably gives Rise to Fierce Feelings of Protection toward her in my Heart.

To Finish this Weekend of Friendship, I am being taken by Jen, the Big-hearted Nanny who radiates such Fun, Vitality and Goodness, to see Jools Holland for some Pure Escapism.

Ahead of me Lies a Very Emotional Week as my Son starts a new Chapter in his Life and Closes the Door on, not just a Chapter, but a Book, in Mine. He is Moving Out into his Own Place and, although he won’t be Far Away, Home is going to feel Emptier and Incomplete.

I won’t have time to Feel Too Maudlin though as next Weekend My Yogi-Twin, My Bobby turns the Big 40 and Card Writing and Baking will Preclude me from Wallowing!

My Family and Friends Fill my Heart with Hope and Gladness and Remind me Every Day How Blessed I am. I Strive to Devote to them All they Offer me because They Genuinely Give me Strength to Bear the Pain of Living on this Planet.

Take Care of your Friends because there will come a time when you’re not much fun to be with and there is no reason to like you except out of Longstanding Habit!

Garrison Keiller

Earth Blessings

Vegan Cuckoo Jx



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