The Important of C’s

We must make the Choice to Communicate and Connect; to be Conscious and Connected; to have the Courage to take a Chance. Only then will we Create Change.

The process of writing is Cathartic, Challenging and a little Addictive. Given time, I would write daily to Unburden the Emotions that Bog me down and keep me from Accomplishing my Goals. My Intention is to write with Integrity, Honesty and Unreservedly; to write my Truth; to Communicate with myself and bring to mind the Importance of paying Attention and staying Focused; To Nourish and Challenge my Inner Landscape  and to Persevere with my constant Reinvention on my Transient Journey to the final Destination of Being Part of something Truly Good and live a life of Purpose and Connection.

Persistence is the Virtue by which All other Virtues Bear Fruit
– Arturo Graff, Italian Poet, 1848 – 1913

All the above is a Constant test and Writing this serves to remind me of how I need to change and gives me No Excuses! I Strive to write with Integrity and Honesty but I am far from being a person of Complete Integrity, Honesty and Tolerance. When I read through this blog, I am struck by the Peace Loving individual that I may appear to be! I am Peace Loving but I certainly do not always Act in that way which makes me Ashamed. By writing and sharing that shame, I am sharing my Truth and I believe the Foundation of Communication is Truth Telling. Communicating with my Family, Friends, Work Colleagues, Neighbours, Community and this whole Virtual World requires that I Communicate with myself and Listen to who I am. Only then can I Truly, Truthfully Connect with Others.

No man can purchase his Virtue too dear, for it is the Only thing whose Value must ever Increase with the Price it has cost us. Our Integrity is never worth so much as when we have Parted with our All to keep it.
– Ovid, Roman Poet

As I wrote about in my last post, I have Navigated some Choppy waters recently, my Flow was Rocky. Now I am again, in Harmony with everyone and everything I am Connected to and with. However, I know that without Sustained Determination to keep that Peaceful Connection, I will experience a Kink in my flow once again. There is much work to be done! Writing helps me to keep track of my Journey by highlighting the Values and Virtues I am lacking; laying out my Character Bare; Exposing all my Faults and Failures; Guiding my Transformation and Acting as my Reference point.

The Greatest Virtues are those which are most Useful to Other Persons
– Aristotel

Connection with Nature and All those Beings for whom I Yearn to make a Difference is also a Key Player in my Journey. The Source of my Consciousness is Nature herself. She is where I find Spiritual Nourishment and a Meaningful, Peaceful and Connected State of Mind. The Conscious Intent and Focus with which I find myself every Morning, plodding along with my Furry Companions by my side, Engages me with the Natural World and Connects me to the Rhythms and Cycles of Nature. As the Day Dawns, for that one time every day, I Experience a Feeling of Wholeness and Immerse myself in that Experience with All my Senses and Attention, being as Fully Present in each moment as possible. Paying Attention keeps me Animated – Observing all the Beautiful Delights and Surprises Mother Earth Showers me with every morning – and Refreshes my Heart and Mind for the day ahead, reminding me to Focus on my Inner Peace and Strength, to Maintain this sense of being Grounded and Centred in other areas of my life and daily Challenging Situations.

Nature has Soul, Spirit and Intelligence. The word Nature means Birth. Mother Earth and Father Sky are Alive. Some of us live on the Earth, Others live in the Sky, and Still others in the Water, but Ultimately the Whole of Life is One, Manifesting in Millions of Shapes, Forms and Faces. Diversity is the Dance of One Life Force. Unity Celebrates itself in the Diversity of Life. We are all Connected, We are all Related. We are an Integral Part of Nature. The Earth is our Common Home.

Unfortunately, I am Constantly Challenged to Discover a way to Balance my Values and Beliefs with those of Friends, Family, Work Colleagues and others whose paths I cross. Connecting with them Honestly on Neutral ground and Communicating with Tolerance Ensures I am not left feeling Frustrated and desiring not to be with them. By Developing the skill of Conscious Connection that I can Achieve so Easily every Morning, and Returning to it Regularly and Consistently, I have found that, given Time and Patience, my Attitude and Behaviours can be Transformed leading to Effective Communication, Connections and Interactions, in turn leading to those Small Ripples that will in turn become Waves of Change!

May we All Thank before we Think, Think before we Speak, and Think and Act Wisely for the Benefit of all Humankind and All our Relations.
– Glenn Aparicio Parry – Original Thinking: A Radical Re Visioning of Time, Humanity and Nature

This post links with my amended name for this blog: “The Patchouli Diaries”; Having worn Patchouli since I was in my early teens, I have become Immune to the way it Connects me to other people. However, after another recent Interaction, it was Robbie who suggested I link these Conversations within my blog! …
Practically every day, someone mentions the way I smell, with either a positive or negative reaction! This generally leads me to having brief conversations with people I don’t know and often, Creates Cheerful Connections between us and can often lead to us Recognising and Connecting with each other at other times, in the relatively small Community in which I live. Having my own Unusual Formula for Connecting in the way I smell is a Gift and I want to write about small but Significant Contacts that bring a Smile and Warmth to my day and appear to do the same for the Person I have Connected with because some Happy Memory has been Jogged.

What greater thing is there for two human souls than to feel that they are joined – to strengthen each other – to be at one with each other in silent unspeakable memories.
– George Eliot, English Novelist, Poet and Journalist, 1819 – 1880

My Furry Companions also bring me many Connections with Fellow Doggy Lovers and I must finish this post soon to go on our Morning Walkies on what is a rather Grey but Still and Green July Early Morning. Outside the back Door, Our Sparrows (whom I call Barry and Belinda) are busy looking after their Third brood of 2017 and I find it Comforting to listen to them as they Communicate with their Contact Cheeps.
It is the day after my Daughter’s 16th Birthday, a day of Celebration and Companionship, Family and Friends. Life is Calmer again and it is Time for me to once again Align my Outer Actions with my Inner Landscapes as I wrote about last time, as I have  done so many times before. After a Little Lull to allow time to Connect and Care for myself, I am once again Strong enough to Connect, Embrace Connections and Continue to make a Change to my little part of the Universe.

Your Life does not get better by Chance, it gets better by Change.
– Jim Rohn, American Entrepreneur, Novelist and Motivational Speaker, 1930 – 2009

This post is Dedicated to my BFF. Kate. Our Friendship is Organic and Free Flowing with No Expectations from each other, Recognising the Busy Lives we each Lead. Unfortunately, this means, we can go for Long Intervals without Connecting with each other and when we do find a small window of time to Catch Up, our Communication can often be Trivial and Superficial as Time does not allow for Deeper, more Meaningful Contact. Perhaps this led to a Wide Chasm between us Recently as we became More Unaware of the Occurrences in each other’s lives.
However, just when I, without realising, needed someone to talk to, to Share my Thoughts and Feelings with (who wasn’t my poor husband), Kate was there. It wasn’t planned and I had not intended to mention the Crazy Mania I had recently been Experiencing. The Turmoil of my Internal Climate is just that, Internal and Intense and only Robbie has the happy Duty to Go Through it with me!
However, while waiting to pick up our Young People from their Prom, we found ourselves having a Long Awaited Catch Up which started Insignificantly – Surface, Inconsequential and Minor Conversation despite our Deep Connection. But it is that Deep Connection that eventually Persuaded me, that evening, to Expose my Inner Landscape and Recent Irrational thoughts to my BFF.
Four years ago, I had the Most Important Conversation of my life with Kate when she helped me see the Wood for the Trees and make sense of what had been a Difficult Year. Four weeks ago, I had another Significant and Influential Conversation with my BFF. She Demonstrated such an Understanding and Empathy not just in those moments, but Since and that has granted me Enormous Strength and Helped my Healing Process.

I am Eternally Grateful and know that, having Shared with her, my Innermost, Painful Emotions, I will be able to come to her when I am struggling again (which I will!) Kate gives an Objective but Compassionate Way of Looking at things in a way that Robbie is unable to do because he is negatively affected by my waves of Despair and my other Best Friend, My AASS, Kay cannot do because she Feels the same Gloom as I, so we just Feed off each other’s Hopelessness!
So, as I leave this post to Connect with Nature with my Furry Companions, I am Grateful for the Wonderful Connection I have with Kate and the Healing Power of this Significant Life-time Friendship. She gives me Companionship, shows me Compassion and Our Bond has Developed and Evolved to an even Deeper Level. Our Connection is Profound, Prolific and Pretty Perfect. Thank you, BFF.

People Don’t Always need Advice. Sometimes All they really need is a Hand to Hold, an Ear to Listen and a Heart to Understand Them.

I am off to Explore another Best Friend – Mother Earth.

VeganCuckoo Jx




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