The Patchouli Diaries Truly Begin with More C’s and some D’s!

Sweet days of summer, the Jasmine’s in Bloom
July is dressed up and playing her Tune
Summer breeze makes me feel Fine
Blowing through the jasmine in my Mind
– The Isley Brothers

Our Emotions and Physical Health depend upon the Smooth Flow of Energy through our Body’s Energy Meridians. Emotions Affect our Energy Systems and when we are Tuned into a Negative Thought, Emotion, Situation or Event, our Energy Systems are Disrupted and Respond to this Thought. Every Thought we think Affects our Body (Physiology) and Emotion. Likewise, Every Physical Action Affects our Thinking and Mood. Thoughts can Create Heightened Stress, Sadness and Depression as well as Intense feelings of Joy, Happiness and Love. There may be many things outside of Ourselves that we cannot change; However, our Inner Landscapes can be Remoulded, Reshaped and Recreated as soon as we become Aware that we have the Creativity to do so.  …
It is nearly Lammas, the Pagan Festival of the Irish God, Lugh and Symbolising the First Day of the Harvest. In the Outer Landscape of my Beautiful Corner of Mother Earth, the Yellows, Whites and Blues of Spring and Early Summer have given way to the Golds and Browns of Mid-Summer. As Summer Advances with Haste, I am hit with those same old Melancholy feelings that Summer is over before it has even Started. The Birds are taking a well-earned rest and the Garden is unnaturally quiet for much of the day.

I miss the Ever-Present Song of “my” Garden Birds. I miss their Company and Comforting Melodies. The Promise of Summer has Slipped away with the Passing of those Spring Months that bring the Excitement of Longer, Hotter days! The days are in fact Shortening, the Sun Appears to have Disappeared and it has Rained every day this week! The Truth is, my Favourite time of the Year is Spring with all its Promise of Summer and as I reach the end of July, I feel that Promise Fading Away!

Spring ushers in the birth and growth of new beginnings. Summer develops and matures new life in the warmth of light. Fall celebrates life and displays inspiration through color. Winter then rests and builds for the new day, preparing for the next season.
– Jaren L Davis

However, as I have written about many times and in the last two posts, I have been on quite a Journey recently, spent much time Soul-Searching and Overhauled my Inner Landscape; those Melancholy Feelings continue as I Lament the end of July but I am also Developing Feelings of Anticipation, Expectation and Hope as I move into August with the Choices I have Chosen, the Decisions I made and the Opportunities I am Taking. I am Welcoming August and Beyond with a Commitment, Steadfastness and Certainty I can’t remember feeling before!

Lammas Signposts a Shift to a Slower Time. A Time to Consider what we Wish to Store from our Outbound Adventures and to Reflect on How Our Inner Projects have Developed since the Spring. A Time to Express what has Ripened within Our Hearts and Gather it in to Sustain us on our Inward Journeys. What has Grown Strong and Steady and what has Fallen Away?
– Earth Pathways

The Vision of the Voyage to the next Stage of Our Lives is starting to feel Positively Palpable and the Patchouli Diaries have Officially Started over this of Summer 2017. Life is Changing slowly for Robbie and me. As we Celebrate our 6 Years of Marriage and 21 years together this Summer, we are also Embracing the Potential of the Future while Cautiously Acknowledging the many Obstacles and Determining how we might Overcome them.

Destiny is not a matter of chance; it is a matter of choice. It is not a thing to be waited for, it is a thing to be achieved.
― William Jennings Bryan, American Politician, 1860 – 1925

Robbie and I are Dreamers. For 21 years we have Daydreamed about the Life we have Aspired and feel Drawn to; A Life that aligns with our Values and Beliefs. The Visions for our Future have taken many Different Directions over the years that have seen us become the People we are today. While those Beliefs may have been Challenged and Moulded as we have become Older and Wiser, Our Moral Compasses remain Pointing in the same Direction.

You May Say I’m a Dreamer, But I’m not the Only One. I Hope Someday You’ll Join Us and the World will Live as One.
– John Lennon, 1940 – 1980

That Direction is to New Beginnings away from this corner of Mother Earth that has Nurtured our Relationship, the Family and Home we have Created. Not too far away however, just far enough away to Enable us to Live our lives with Measure, Balance and Harmony and where we can take our Inspiration from Nature and her Soil and Serve the Planet. Somewhere we can Live a Simple Life and Experience True, Calming Pleasures avoiding the Shallow and Transient ones.

Our Goal is to Secure a Well-Lived Life of Meaning; Find a new Narrative; make our Peace with Nature; find our Solace and Enrichment by being as Self-Sufficient as possible; further Develop our Sense of Reverence and Love towards this Beautiful Planet and Enjoy a Sense of Well-being – Physically, Inwardly, Deeply – where our work place is the Collaborative Environment of the Natural World, and where we will Witnesses daily, the Wondrous and Powerful Interdependence of the Earth’s growing Cycle as we Embrace the Spiritual Power of Living alongside Nature and Strive to Find our Inner Peace.

I believe that there is a subtle magnetism in Nature, which if we consciously yield to it, will direct us alright
– Henry David Thoreau, American essayist, poet, philosopher, abolitionist, naturalist, tax resister, development critic, surveyor, and historian, 1817 – 1862

We Hope to Examine, Engage and Participate in this new Life within three hours of where we live now, along the West Coast of Wales or South towards Dorset, Devon or Cornwall. We don’t have any Concrete plans yet, but our Vision is Tangible and the Ideas of How to Achieve our Dream are Flowing!

At the Centre of our Aspirations is our Daughter and it will be her Hopes and Dreams that Dictate the Direction that our own ones take.

Love her but Leave her Wild

-Atticus, Ancient Greek Philosopher

Bleu’s Life is starting to take a different Path which is Exciting for her and seems Incredible for Us in that we have managed to somehow Parent this Amazing Sixteen-Year-Old Young Woman who is on the Verge of Stepping into a World of Independence, Different Communities, Culture and Shared Interest.

Every New Beginning comes from Some Other Beginning’s End
– Seneca, Roman Philosopher

Life has already Changed in Subtle but Definite and Recognisable Ways since Spring when Bleu started to work at the weekends. Suddenly, Robbie and I have found ourselves with days to Ourselves without our Little Girl to Consider when planning what our weekends are going to Consist of! Apart from our Commitment to take and pick her up from Shifts, we now have the Luxury of getting on with whatever we need to, not having to factor in how Bleu fits into our Projects and Ventures! Since she finished her GCSE’s we have been seeing even less of her as she spends time with her Best Friends, going down to Devon for a week to stay with one and in Cornwall this week, with another one!

The More a Daughter knows the Details of her Mother’s Life, the Stronger the Daughter!

I Miss her All the Time but am Beginning to Appreciate the Slower Pace that our Lives have Assumed as Summer has Developed and Matured. There is less Rigidity to much of our daytime Routines as we find ourselves eating later, eating more Simply and having no Morning School runs to Perform!

To Be a Mother is to Watch your Heart Walk Around Outside of Your Body.

Summer time is always more Relaxed anyway with the Non-Existent School runs and the fact that Our Work Routines are more Flexible. This year, however, there is a real Sense that Change could be Afoot, the Shape of Things to Come along with the Discernible Difficult Decisions that we will Encounter by Making those New Choices. Bleu, Our Darling Daughter will be Central to all those Decisions and Choices, as will my Fabulous Son Matthew who is Travelling his own Impressive and sometimes Wild Ride through his Twenties!

There is an endearing tenderness in the love of a mother to a son that transcends all other affections of the heart.
– Washington Irving, American Author and Historian, 1785 – 1859

The End of July is Looming as is the Memorable and Magical Anniversary Weekend we have just spent, taking Advantage of our Freedom of Responsibility of Parenthood. Our Sixth Year of Marriage within our Twenty-One years of Togetherness. We have never Celebrated our Anniversary before, in fact, our Busy Lives have Inevitably meant we have Completely Forgotten it! However, those Change in our Life Circumstances Dictated that this Year, we not only Remembered but were able to Commemorate this weekend of 2011 with a Canoeing Trip on the River Thames; A Cinema Visit for the Powerful film, Dunkirk; a Cathartic Clear Out of our Loft; Happily Finished off with an Unexpected and Delightful visit from my Best Oldest Friend, Pen and her Remarkable Husband Cam.
Mine and Pen’s Friendship is one that has been Nurtured and Treasured over the Thirty-Four years we have been Friends! Our Friendship is Deep and Lasting; Respectful and Reciprocal; Powerful and Pleasing; Communicative and Educational; Dear and True. We are Different yet Alike, Far yet Near. We have Followed the Same Paths of Love – Both finding True Love in the form of our Husbands and as Couples, we are Similar, both in our Yearnings, Ambitions and Endeavours and Parallel Personalities: Pen and Robbie being the more Analytical, Reserved, keeping their Hearts Close to their Chests, Balancing Myself and Cam, very much wearing our Impulsive and Spirited Hearts on our Sleeves!

You know the People that feed your Soul … because you’ll feel good after spending time with them.

I know what a Truly and Genuine Blessing it is to have Pen in my life, Still Such Close and True Friends after so many years. I have so much to Thank Her For. Our Connection is Responsible, in some part, for Moulding the Person I have become. Our house is Adorned with Photos from our JoyFest which Pen and Cam, who just happen to be Incredibly Talented Wedding Photographers, Gifted us, in their Endless and Pure Generosity. It is Pen’s Creativity and Success that Inspired me to start Blogging. Our Friendship has Blessed me with Innumerable, Unforgettable and Precious Memories. We Spent our Formative Years Together, growing up in the 80’s, Dancing to Bananarama, Wham and Rick Astley, Getting Drunk on Bacardi and Malibu (or was that just me?!), watching Brat Pack Movies and Embarking on that search for the Ultimate True Love! So Many Buried Memories that will be Unearthed over time as I keep Writing!

Friends Come and Go like the Waves of the Ocean but the True Ones Stick, like an Octopus on your Face!
– Uplift Quote

As I Always am, I have again been Inspired by Pen to be Creative, Visionary and Imaginative and Develop the Interest in Photography, that has been Hovering Beneath the Surface for Years, as a tool for Activism on Instagram. I have been Incredibly Influenced Consciously and Unconsciously by Images. It is the Images of Poor Souls Trapped and Abused in Slaughter Houses that Forced me to Face the Awful Truth of Factory Farming and Determine Immediately to Follow a Vegan Lifestyle. Pictures, whether Photos, Drawings or Paintings have the Power to Create Behaviour Change.

Pen has Inspired me today to Develop my Very Amateur Photography Skills on Instagram so I can show Destruction that can be Prevented; Suffering that needs to be Stopped; Beauty that needs to be Conserved and Vegan Lifestyles that need to be Promoted!

A Vegan Cruelty-Free Lifestyle, My Family, Our Global Community, Mother Earth, Father Sky and a Shared Respect for the Rights of All Beings is the Cornerstone of my Being and Inspiration for All I Accomplish.

Now that I have decided to Scale Back of Projects that were Draining me of Emotional Vitality and Denying me much of the Physical and Emotional Energy I need to Concentrate on my Own Creative Activism, I have the Time and Drive to Devote to Creativity in the form of Writing, Photography and … Singing, but that, I will Write about in Future Posts!
I still need to be Careful. As is Evident through my Writing, I have a Tendency to Jump in First with Gusto and Vigour, becoming Obsessed with a new Project, Voluntary Position or Interest. I have an “All of Nothing” Attitude. I become Very Passionate about New Ideas and Desires to Make a Difference and my Actions are Unsustainable. I cannot do things in Moderation and I easily Burn Out and Loose Interest.
This has happened before in my Creative Endeavours. As fast as I build Momentum, I Lose it believing I should be doing something “Active” and more “Productive”. It’s been that need to Prove to Myself that I am “Giving Back” and Contributing to my Community that has been my Downfall. But, at Last, I believe I have reached a Plateau and am standing at the Precipice of New Horizons as I Hope I have Conveyed in this Post.

Yesterday I was clever, so I wanted to change the world. Today I am wise, so I am changing myself.”
– Jalaluddin Rumi, 13th Century Persian Sunni Muslim Poet.

Pen and Cam Visited Today for a Reason that Neither of Us Knew. The Four of Us are on the Brink of New Beginnings and as Always, have Drawn Inspiration from Each Other in the Knowledge that We are Each in a Place where the View is Clear, Tranquil, Ordered and Stimulating. I felt a New Understanding between us today, A New Bond and Future Together Despite the Miles Separating us, which will be so much More by 2020. However, until then, we will Enjoy Time Jointly in their home County of Cornwall and our Little Bolthole in West Oxon and Look forward to December 2020/ January 2021 when we will All be Together in …. Australia! … But, like the Singing, I will Write about that in Future Posts!

Love Deeply, Think Creatively, Act Responsibly and Find Lessons Every Day to Integrate into Our Lives and Mindsets.

Another Working Week takes over as I finish this Post which means no Writing for a Few Days. However, Photography is an Instant Tool for Connection and Expression. So, Until I write again, Instagram will be my Blog … with a Cool, Calm, Collected, Moderate and Methodical Approach!

VeganCuckoo Jx


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