About Last Night …

Even more than the time when she gave birth, a mother feels her greatest joy when she hears others refer to her son as a wise learned one
– Thiruvalluvar, Ancient Tamil Poet and Philosopher

As has become the norm every other Friday, Last Night, I went round to Matthew’s house to … “chillax Mum”!
It’s always a treat to spend time with my Son. Going to his place for a few hours Requires that I really do Chill Out! – although I have been known to do the washing up!

Sons are the Anchors of a Mother’s Life
– Sophocles, Playwright of Ancient Greece

Like many people who are Fortunate enough not to have to work at the weekends, I generally Love my Friday nights. They are the Friday nights of a Forty something year old Young at Heart Woman – Glass of Vegan Red, Simple, Easy Food and TV! There are the Friday nights when our Sixteen-Year-Old Daughter needs lifts here or there, which limits the Red Wine indulgence. There are the ones when I am so tired that the glass of Red loses its appeal. There are the Fridays when I am doing Outreach at the weekends which means I need an Early night and there are the ones when Robbie is so tired after an Unusually Physical week (not Uncommon being a Builder!) that he falls asleep leaving me to Celebrate the end of the Week on my Lonesome!

Of course, there are the Infrequent Friday nights when I might go out for a Quiet Drink with one of my Few Close Friends or have one of those Beautiful Buddies round to share that bottle of Vegan Red! And then there are the Friday nights when I receive my Invite to Sink into the Massive Sofa that Matthew usually shares with his Girlfriend, from where I am given the Opportunity to watch a film on the Huge Screen that is his TV!

And, so it was that I had another chance to Unwind, Recline and Hang Loose Last Night!

Slow Down, Calm Down, Don’t Worry, Don’t Hurry, Trust the Process
– Alexandra Stoddard, Lifestyle Philosopher & Author

The Routine that we have settled into is a Gossip before Flicking through Netflix to find a film (a Luxury that I don’t have at Home!). Last Night, we had much to Catch up on as Matthew has just returned from a Well Deserved and Much Needed Holiday with his Girlfriend. It was a Relief to see him Relaxed and Refreshed.
I always let Matt Choose the film, much like I always ask Bleu to Choose any film that the two of us watch together! Its better that way as any film I choose is Bound to Bore them! My taste in Documentaries doesn’t Tend to be very Scintillating for Young Adults!

While we Try to Teach Our Children All About Life, Our Children Teach Us what Life is All About!

So, it was that Last Night we watched a Film called “The Joneses” with a certain Demi Moore looking Extremely Youthful and playing a Sexy, Hip, Cool Wife and Mother.
Wow! She is Ten years older than me and looks Amazing! Am I Jealous?
NO! I am Impressed, Happy, Glad and Excited that So many Celebrities from the Eighties are either Still in the Spotlight or Returning to it!

Their Radiance, Exuberance and Desire to have their Moments of Fame once Again, brings me much Delight. I Appreciate their Re-emergence into the Limelight; So many Memories of Films I watched and the Pop I listened to have Re-Surfaced! I feel Young again too. If they can look as Fresh and Vibrant as they do, So can I! They bring me Hope!!!

Live your Life and Forget your Age

In my last post, I was Brimming with Joy having just spent a Wonderful and Unexpected afternoon with my Oldest Best Friend who has Inspired my Recent Creative Journey into the World of Instagram, just as she Previously Inspired my First Tentative Steps into the World of Blogging.

A Strong Friendship Doesn’t Need Daily Conversation, Doesn’t Always Need Togetherness. As Long as the Relationship Lives in the Heart, True Friends Will Never Part

It is Pen with whom I spent the Eighties. Most of my Eighties and Early Nineties Memories Involve Pen! We are Eighties Gals who Idolised Demi Moore and All her Brat Pack Pals; Danced to Bananarama and Madonna; Sang to Wham and Belinda Carlisle; We even Joined Fan Clubs, Pen joined Johnny Hates Jazz FC while I wrote Avidly to Rick Astley! (Well, those were the days before the Internet!)

Never gonna give you up, never gonna let you down
Never gonna run around and desert you
Never gonna make you cry, never gonna say goodbye
Never gonna tell a lie and hurt you
We’ve known each other for so long
Your heart’s been aching but you’re too shy to say it
Inside we both know what’s been going on
We know the game and we’re gonna play it
And if you ask me how I’m feeling
Don’t tell me you’re too blind to see
(I chose these Lyrics because I have known Pen for So Long and I believe we pretty much know each other inside and out and we are definitely playing this game of Life!)

We watched About Last Night till we knew every word, Daydreaming that one Day, we too, would find our Very Own Rob Lowe (We Did!); we Absorbed the Antics of The Breakfast Club wishing that we too, went to the Cool High School that gave out Fun Saturday morning Detentions as Punishment; We Modelled ourselves on the College Graduates of St Elmo’s Fire wanting to be the Gorgeous and Wild Jules and Fancying Emilio Estevez (or, in my case, Andrew McCarthy!). We dressed like Molly Ringwald in Pretty in Pink while wishing that we could be at the centre of a Love Triangle (in Fairness, Pen often was, being as Attractive then as she is now!) and have a Cool name like Andie!

We liked Class for different reasons – Pen fancied Rob Lowe and I fancied Andrew McCarthy! I never Imagined then that I would one day be a Mother to a Young Man as is Ellen, the part played by the Sexy Jacqueline Bisset. I wonder if I, in any way resemble being a Sexy Mother like that?! Well, Demi Moore gives me Hope! (and Matt and Bleu have told me that their Friends call me a M I L F – a word first introduced to me by Pen and Cam when they were being Complimentary (!) but which is a little Crude for this Blog!)
We watched Sixteen Candles which echoed our own Hopes and Disappointments and Identified (or at least I did!) with Samantha’s Crush on someone who seemed Unobtainable.
My Personal Favourite, and a film which I still Love, was Mannequin. I had such a Huge Crush on Andrew McCarthy and I was Infatuated by Kim Cattrall who played the Mannequin. I thought she was Exquisite. I think she is still Beautiful and Loved her in Sex and The City twenty years later! Most of All I Adored the Soundtrack and Still Do. My Favourite Song of All time is Nothing’s Going to Stop Us Now by Starship which has even more Significance than being from my Favourite Teenage Film: There is a Rumour that Robbie and his Sisters would sit in the back of the Car and Serenade my Mother and Father in Law with … Nothing’s Going to Stop Us Now! It really Ought to have been our Signature Tune at our JoyFest!
Pen and I were Young and Carefree in the Eighties. We didn’t ever Imagine being the Forty Somethings we are now. Yet here we are, perhaps not as Young, but Possibly Younger at Heart than we have Ever been and this is why it is Refreshing and Exciting to see many of our Eighties Idols also Reliving their Youths backed up by the Wisdom and Learning that the Privilege of Life has Bestowed Upon them.

Mine and Pen’s Lives were All About …

“men, women, choices, sex, ambition, moving in, no sex, risks, underwear, friendship, career moves, strategy, commitment, love, fun, breaking up, making up, bedtime, last night…” !

Our Friendship has Weathered Many Storms and Created just as many Memories. We have Lived Together and Spent Years with Little Contact; We have Liked and Disliked each other’s Friends and Boyfriends; We have shared Excruciating, Awkward and Exhilarating Moments and We’ve Followed Different yet Similar Paths. We thought we knew it All, even though Deep Down we were Confused and Apprehensive. We were Misunderstood, Misunderstood Each Other and Misunderstood Ourselves. We remember things Differently and Some Recollections have Faded in the Haze of new Realities but many have stayed with us, making us Laugh, Wince, Smile and Cry!
We were both Impulsive Dreamers, Exploring Every Avenue, Taking Every Opportunity, Grabbing the Chance and Seizing Occasions without Looking at the Wider Picture! And While our Impetuous Impulses haven’t always worked out the way we Hoped, I believe the Comedy of Errors that was the Turbulence, Emotional Chaos of Our Youth and Young Adulthood enabled us to Grow and Evolve into an Authentic and Stable Adulthood.

We Stumbled through the Eighties and Nineties Navigating Peaks and Troughs and Emerging with Wisdom and Influence, Bourne out of our Colourful, sometimes Dark and Separate Journeys. The Noughties saw us Settle down with Robbie and Cam while still Searching for the Enlightenment, Liberation and Freedom to be who we wanted to be and the Truth of who we could be!

It’s not the Years in your Life that Count, It’s the Years in your Life.
– Abraham Lincoln, US President, 1809 – 1865

2011 was a Pivotal year for both of Us as Pen Developed her Wedding Photography Business and gained much Success and Robbie and I Celebrated our Marriage through the JoyFest.  In the Intervening Years, we have both Experienced many Changes (my Journey being Documented through this Blog) as we Follow our Aspirations and Dreams, finding Balance, Fulfilment, Peace and Engagement with the World.  We are both still the Impulsive Dreamers we were Thirty Years Ago. The Difference now is that we have Developed the Resources to Reassure ourselves, through Uncomfortable periods of Uncertainty,  when we Choose to take Chances.

The Distance between Dreams and Reality is called Action.

And now, with those Patient, Easy Going and Tolerant Husbands, we’re going in a Different yet Same Direction once again as we plan more Headlong, Wild Plunges into New Worlds. Perhaps for the First time in our Lives, we are Crafting our moves Slowly, Methodically and Sensibly – Unexplored Territory for the Impulsive Creatures that we are, and have Moulded our Husbands to be!

Be not Afraid of Moving Slowly; Be Afraid Only of Standing Still
– Chinese Proverb

This Blog Diary will Continue to Further Document my Forays: My Endeavours to Challenge myself and Inspire Others; Speak with Radical Honesty; Commit Rebellious Acts of Kindness; Practice Generosity; Live a Life of Integrity, Connection and Solidarity rather than Security and Comfort; Honour how Deeply I am Connected to Everything and Everyone; Be Enthused by Shared Passions: Enjoying Experiences over Materialism; the Deep, Abiding, Complicated / Uncomplicated Love of / for My Family and my Admiration of / for the Few but Inspiring and Wonderful Friends that I am Blessed to Share my Life with.

Many Years ago, when I was at a Cross Roads in my Life and Feeling Very Unhappy, someone told me “You Only get one Chance at this thing”. Pen was with me at that Moment. My Life had changed within the week as I found the Strength to leave a Miserable Relationship. This Mantra is at the Forefront of my mind Every Day as I appreciate this Wild and Precious Ride.  Every Moment Matters, Time is Ticking and Pen and I are Making the Moves that Matter Most as we Let Ourselves be Alive, Embrace our Doubts, Move on Through to let the Grand and Great Adventure of Life bring us what we Most Long for.

One Day You Will Wake Up and There Won’t Be Any More Time to Do the Things you have Always Wanted …Do it Now.
– Paulo Coelho, Author of The Alchemist

My Instagram Post today is a Picture of my Favourite Novel which is part of an Instagram Creative Project I am undertaking during the month of August. I have two Favourite Novels of which one of them is The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho and the other is The Happy Prince by Oscar Wilde. Both of these Convey the Powerful Messages of Love, Friendship, Empathy, Gratitude, Appreciation, Following our Dreams, Making and Accepting our Destiny, Humility and so many more of the Values and Virtues I strive toward.

Till Next Time

Earth Blessings
VeganCuckoo Jx




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