A Moment of Contemplation

Muddy Water, Let Stand, Becomes Clear

Lao Tzu, Ancient Chinese Philosopher and Writer

I’m taking a small window of  Opportunity to write another post before  2017 takes hold and Life resumes Normality after the Christmas break. This is the Calm before the Storm for me as I have much to achieve both Personally and Professionally as 2017 gets Underway!

After spending the past weeks shrouded in Gloom and Doom, I have, at last, broken through the Clouds and am beginning to feel the Warming Glow of Hope, giving me Renewed Energy and Inspiration.

No matter how hopeless or bleak things appear, the moment always comes when suddenly our spirit revives, and hope is reborn. That is why we must never give up.

Daisaku Ikeda

The World is still at a Tipping Point between Love, Hope and Wisdom; and Fear, Anger and Ignorance and the news is Still full of Tragedy, Despair, Destruction and Cruelty. But 2017 has started with some Snippets of Hope with a Tentative Truce in Syria, led by Russia and Turkey which offers the best Hope yet of a Conflict that has claimed over 500,000 Lives, injured 1.9 Million and Displaced more than half of the Country’s 23 Million Population.

There has also been the announcement from China that it will Ban the Ivory Trade by the End of 2017 which is such Incredible and Welcome news. I have no words to Describe how Utterly Hopeless and Full of Despair I feel about How Humanity is Treating their Elephant Neighbours. Humans kill 80 Elephants a Day. That Figure is Unbelievable. It is Horrific. It is a Travesty and it breaks my Heart and makes me feel Totally Wretched. Any Glimmer of Hope that gives Our Amazing Non-Human Neighbours a Fighting Chance to beat Extinction.

There are many more Positive News Stories hidden Behind stories of Anguish and Misery and it is those that I must concentrate on for my own Sanity and Good Mental Health this year. I will need to try Harder not to be Consumed by All that is Wrong with Our World in 2017, or I will be unable to Fulfill my Aspirations and Accomplish my Goals. Remembering that for every Bad Story I hear, there are a Hundred Good ones is a Skill I need to Acquire.

All the Forces Present in Our World are Present within Us. Fear and Love. Hope and Despair. The Choices we make in our Personal Lives Shape Our World through Billions of Acts of Kindness or Cruelty, Wisdom or Foolishness. All We Can do is Our Best.


Personally, I feel Positive about this year in a Way that  was Difficult to do so this time Last Year. That Optimism was given a Boost earlier today when I Fed the Birds in my Garden on a Glorious, Sunny, Frosty Morning. I was surrounded by Great Tits, Blue Tits, Long Tail Tits, Sparrows, Blackbirds, Pigeons, Starlings, Magpies and Carrion Crows. For those few minutes, I entered their World where every Precious Moment Matters.  I felt a Peace that has Eluded me for Many Weeks. It was the Perfect Antidote to my Despondency and I was Prompted to Remember All that is Good With my World.

My Husband is Content with his work and is Well in Body, Mind and Spirit.  My Son is Settled in his New Home and Loves his Job. My Daughter is on the Brink of Starting a New Life at College this year where I really Believe she will Truly Discover who she is and What Drives her. My Hope is that she will Find Friends who Share her Values and Beliefs; Friends who she Can Rely on and Trust. Those have been in Short Supply over the past Five years of Secondary School and I know she is Ready to Embark on her next Adventure. However, she enters the Last few months of Secondary School, having, at last, discovered a True Friend with whom she shares an Honest and Open Friendship full of Laughter and Togetherness. Who is Reliable and Available and with whom Bleu seems Truly at Ease and has made her Happy in a way I haven’t observed any other Friend Achieve. As A Mother, I am Relieved and Delighted that she can start 2017 in such a Good Place after the Stress of her Mocks at the end of 2016 and the Hard Work in Front of her as she prepares for her GCSE’s in Late Spring.

My Cherished Mother-in-Law seemed Peaceful in a Sad but Poignant way when she stayed with us over Christmas. She was able to Relax and was Comfortable with Us which meant Everything to me. My Hope for 2017 is that she will Visit us Regularly and Our Home will become a second Home that will Offer Welcome Sanctuary from the Sadness that is enveloping her Soul.

My Gorgeous Scrummy Yummy Nephew is doing so Well and is the Most Adorable, Precious and Captivating Baby EVER! He is an Inspiration who has United my Family and shown us the path back to the  Affection and Love that has Always existed Between us but which we have found it hard to Show, due to Ego, Pride or Stubborness. It doesn’t matter what the reason was anymore. It’s in the past and we have Jimmy James to Thank for that! He has Taught me the Important Life Lessons of Acceptance, Forgiving, Letting go and Gratitude. Because of Jimmy James, after 45 years, I Finally Understand what is Important.

The Older I get, the More I realise the Value of Privacy, Cultivating your Circle, and Only Letting Certain People in. You can be Open, Honest and Real while still Understanding not Everyone Deserves a seat at the Table of your Life.

My Brother and Sister-In-Law are the Most Amazing and Remarkable Parents and my Dream of Visiting them in Australia, Spending the Festive Season with them and My Beautiful Nephew is almost Tangible now. 2020 is only 3 years away and I can Guarantee that that Christmas will be one that won’t be marred by my own Doom and Gloom!

So I go into 2017 with a Warm Glow from Being Blessed with Supportive and Patient Family and Friends; and with a Tentative Hope for a Better Future for My Global Family, Human and Non-Human; and with a Resolve to Live by all the Values this Blog is Based Upon and which I need to List Here and Now to Cement those Principles in my Mind as I move Forward into this Week, Month, Season, Year. Onward and Upward 2017.

These Values and Virtues Shape Every Aspect of Our Lives. They Determine what we Care about; How we Behave and What we Do. They Shape the Way we Treat Each other and the World we Live in:

Humility; Tolerance; Enthusiasm; Patience; Forgiveness; Determination; Courage; Hard Work; Responsibility; Peace; Cooperation; Honesty; Perseverance; Generosity; Contentment; Love; Respect; Purity; Simplicity; Integrity; Kindness; Faith; Compassion; Truth; Happiness; Optimism; Goodness; Dedication; Sacrifice; Trust; Commitment.

Till Next Time. Peace & Love

VeganCuckoo x